As one of the World’s Leading Hypnotic & Psychic Entertainers, Jonathan Royle is a regular face on Local, National & International Network, Satellite and Cable TV Stations.

Along the way he has enjoyed his own one-off one hour TV Special “Erotic-Hypnotics” on The German RTL Station and most recently he has finished filming a Six Part Comedy Series entitled “Life In The Bus Lane!” showcasing his Hypnotic, Magical & Bizarre Psychic Talents which is now available for sale to TV Stations world-wide.

TV Broadcasters Interested in viewing the promotional tape for Royle’s Unique “Variety Show Sitcom” Series should contact his Executive Producers Chris Massey or Gary Midmer at Mudlark Films on or +44 (0) 7050-377579 OR +44 (0) 7956 323339 or visit the “TV SERIES” page of this site.

Royle is also a familiar voice on Radio Talk & Entertainment shows and once enjoyed a week long stint as a daily guest on Derby FM’s Breakfast Show.

His Unique & Outrageous Stunts, which are always carried out ONLY with the permission of the shows production team (and usually upon their request) have amongst numerous other things seen him:

*Stopping Several Smokers Live on Air and also displaying his hilarious talents of Hypnotic Comedy on Granada’s – “Talk of the Town” show with Phoenix Nights star Justin Moorhouse!

*Revealing Intimate Secrets about passers by on the street as he did Psychic Belly Button readings for them in the back of a London Cab as he was filmed for STV’s “TAXI” hidden camera show!

*Banned from reappearing on C4’s Cult TV show “The Word” because the extreme sexual nature of his Hypnotic Act shocked viewers!

*Made uncannily accurate revelations about both the dogs and their owners as he has demonstrated “Pawology” his bizarre talent of Psychic Paw Reading for dogs on shows such as C5’s “Fives Company” and C4’s “The Big Breakfast”

*Shunned by fellow Hypnotist Paul McKenna on GMTV as he Hypnotised viewers over the airwaves causing their phone lines to be jammed with complaints!

*Caused nationwide Outrage when he performed a Hypnotic “rape” routine on BBC Ones “Here & Now” current affairs show.

*So outraged telly presenter James Whale with his comments on a Central Weekend Live TV Hypnotism debate that Whale hit him live on air!

*Brought the Female show presenter to Orgasm by Hypnotising her over the phone live on Comedy World Radio in America.

*Was once a regular guesting Psychic Entertainer on the Nickelodeon Satellite Children’s TV Station.

*Once stopped a 20 a day smoker of over 30 years live on BBC GMR radio using NLP – (Success was later checked and confirmed!)

*Is perhaps best known for flashing his tackle live on BBC1’s “Kilroy” morning chat show whilst discussing the contents of his X-rated book “Hypnotism & Sex”.

*Shocked viewers as he threatened to Hypnotise the female presenter of BBC1’s “This Morning with Anne & Nick” magazine show to have sex with him in her dressing room after the show!

*Became Psychic Belly Button reader to the Star’s and has displayed his talent of “Navel-Gazing” to reveal Celebrities pasts, present and futures on such TV shows as UTV’s - “The Kelly Show”, BBC’s – “FOT”, UK Livings – “Live at Three”, C4’s – “The Big Breakfast”, ATV’s – “The Warehouse”, Granada’s – “The Zest Health & Beauty Show” and Sky’s – “Psychic Livetime” amongst numerous other feature TV appearances as a Psychic Entertainer on German RTL and Pro 7 Stations to name but a few!

*Has consistently made accurate Psychic Revelations and Predictions on various radio shows including those for BBC Radio Scotland, Dublin FM, BBC Radio Belfast, GMR, 210 FM, Talk Radio UK and every morning for a week on Derby FM’s Breakfast show amongst many others.

*Has regularly acted as a broadcast Hypnotherapist and/or Expert Speaker on Hypnosis for various radio stations including GMR, Radio Lancashire, Talk Radio UK, 210 FM, BBC Belfast, Radio Shropshire, Dublin FM, Comedy World USA Radio, BBC Radio Scotland, Radio Guernsey, Stoke Radio and numerous other stations, often appearing on several different shows with various presenters on the same station.

*Demonstrated the Controversial Hypnotic Stunt of Full Body Catalepsy (The Human Plank) for C4’s “The Dark Side of Stage Hypnosis” documentary during 2003.

*Co-Presented a special one off edition of Manchester Live TV’s entertainment review show “MAD 4 IT”.

*Since 1993 has regularly appeared on TV Talk, Magazine and Entertainment shows such as BBC1’s “All Rise For Julian Clary!” ITV’s “Trisha”, BBC1’s – “Kilroy”, ITV’s – “The Time The Place”, Central TV’s – “Central Weekend Live”, Carlton TV’s – “Thursday Night Live”, BBC1’s – “This Morning with Anne & Nick”, C4’s – “The Big Breakfast”, Granada TV’s – “Up-Front!” and 100’s of other TV & Radio shows using a variety of names and disguises and with a variety of fabricated stories making Royle without doubt “Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster!”

*Most recently filmed feature interviews for a C5 Documentary entitled “Hypnosis Ruined my Life” and for an ITV Documentary “Televisions Greatest Hoaxes!” both of which are due to be screened during 2004.

In short whenever you need a broadcast Hypnotist or Psychic for your TV or Radio Show then Jonathan Royle should be your first and only choice every time without fail!


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