royle spoon bendingDespite the fact that International Publication “Psychic News” dubbed Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy as “The New Uri Geller and Doris Stokes rolled into one!” he does not claim to have any strange powers!

Indeed he freely admits that his work as one of Britain’s Leading Psychic Entertainers is based on his skilled use of body language, NLP language patterns, psychological manipulation and the use of his heightened senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell!

None the less people are often convinced that Royle has paranormal powers as he displays skills & talents which are bizarre, entertaining and often unique!

He has two main Live Psychic Entertainment shows available, which are both suitable for Corporate Functions, Theatres and other high-class venues as follows:


From a 5 minute television appearance or a 12 minute variety act on the one hand to a 45 minute Corporate Cabaret or Two Hour theatre show on the other “Theatre of the Mind” is a show without equal! Audience participation is the main feature of this amazing show as Royle reads minds, predicts future events before they happen, enables people to have ghostly encounters, makes metal objects melt at his fingertips and generally takes everyone on a roller coaster white knuckle journey to the centre of their own minds and back again! Many of the experiments in this mind-blowing show can be themed to suit your particular company event. If you’ve seen the likes of Derren Brown or Max Maven on TV and thought they were good, then you’ll think that Royle’s “Theatre of the Mind” is excellent!


This is the show that convinced the British Spiritualist Community and Psychic News that Jonathan Royle was a genuine Psychic, Clairvoyant and Physical Medium during 1990 & 1991 in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy. Watch in amazement as Royle apparently makes contact with the Spirit world and gives messages to audience members from their loved ones who have passed over! Discover why Royle was dubbed by many as Britains Fastest and Most Accurate Medium as he delivers one correct “spirit” message after the other in rapid fire to numerous audience members!

During the show Royle also proves his powers of Physical mediumship with displays of metal bending which make Uri Geller look daft and even performs “Healing” on people with instant provable success. Strangest of all Royle does not claim to be genuine and freely admits that anybody who knew his techniques would be capable of doing the same. This show seems like a real Psychic at work and yet the audience is told to make up their own minds as to how what they have just witnessed was achieved, was it clever trickery or psychic intuition?


Royle is available fully self-contained for shows anywhere in the World with any of his Live Psychic Shows which can run from 45 minutes in Cabaret up to over Two Hours for Theatre venues. All-inclusive Fees start at just £500 (within Northwest England only) or just £400 (you provide the PA) and rise depending on venue, audience size, location and dates required! For an accurate all inclusive quote, please send details of your desired date, nature of event, audience size, intended venue and geographic location to and we’ll send you an individual quotation. For Theatres box office splits start as low as 50/50 each!


Royle also has a host of more bizarre and quirky Psychic Style Talents, which make ideal demonstrations and features for Television, and Radio shows and also ideal feature story material for publications, a few examples of which are:


Royle is able to demonstrate his powers of Clairvoyance and Psychic Mediumship as part of Radio and Television phone ins! He can tell people all about their past, present & future and apparently make contact with the spirit world to give them accurate messages from loved ones in spirit. All of this is achieved with Royles remarkable powers of “Cold Reading” and as such Royle does not ever claim to be a genuine psychic and indeed is also available to TV & Radio shows who want to explain how Fraudulent Psychics who claim to be genuine achieve their feats.


Royle can also duplicate all of the stunts which made Uri Geller and other so called genuine Psychics famous such as: making metal objects visibly melt, twist, bend and snap at his fingertips, making broken watches start and compass needles move by mindpower alone, making the hands of watches move on hours whilst held in their owners hands, making objects move without touching them, so called Psychokinesis, dowsing to find hidden oil and diamonds, in fact Royle can duplicate just about every Psychic Feat you could possibly imagine and as such can tailor material to suit your TV or Radio show.


Royle has demonstrated his bizarre talent of Psychic Belly Button Reading on TV & Radio shows all over the World! By examining the persons Navel, Royle is able to tell them all about their past, present and future in a way that has proved to be uncannily accurate. The most amazing readings are obtained when Royle is face to face with the person whose Navel he is examining, although slightly less accurate (but still amazing) readings can also be obtained from good clear photographs of the persons navel for newspaper and magazine features!


Just like Navel Reading, Royles bizarre approach to Psychic Healing is also based on the Ancient American Indians Belief that we have seven energy points in our bodies called “Chakras” and that one of these the base chakra is practically in line with the human navel. All Royle then has to do is place his finger into the persons navel and tap into their energy to tell their past, present & futures or place a pointed quartz crystal into their navel and send positive healing energy into them to help speed up their healing in conjunction with and not as an alternative to conventional medicine. Royles “Psychic Strongman”, “Bucket of Ice” and “Strong Arm – Weak Arm” experiments are highly visual and prove beyond doubt that Navel Healing actually works!


Navel Mind Reading is Jonathan’s demonstration of how he is able to tap into the Base Chakra in line with the Belly Button to read the minds of his volunteers and this makes for compelling viewing with his “Lie Detector” and “Psychic Proverb” experiments.


Pawology is the name given to Royle’s bizarre technique of palm reading for dogs! By lucking at and feeling the dogs Life, Head, Love, Luck & Health pads on its paw, Royle is able to reveal much about the dog (and its owners) past, presents and future with results which are amazingly accurate. The most accurate readings are achieved when Royle is with the dog for real, however good readings can still be achieved from a clear paw print and clear close up photograph of the dogs paws which also makes this talent ideal for radio shows and publications who can get their listeners or readers to send these things in!


Tree Slapping is Royle’s New Age technique using a metal fish spatula, a plastic fly swat and other implements to slap, tap and hit the trunks of trees and stems of plants growing in unnatural environments to help them grow with more natural results! This looks hilarious on TV as Royle gets members of the general public to help him slap trees in the locality and yet is amazing when he makes seeds germinate in peoples hands in a matter of seconds to prove that Tree Slapping really works.


Royle is also available to demonstrate other so called Psychic talents and practices such as Fire Walking, Psychic Surgery, Spiritual Healing, Remote Viewing, Astrology, Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Crystal Gazing, Psychometry and indeed just about everything and anything you’ve ever seen or heard of a so called genuine Psychic doing!

He can duplicate amazing ESP experiments with ease, predict the newspaper, sporting or lottery results weeks in advance and in short using his talent for trickery Royle can convince your viewers, listeners, readers or audience that he’s a real bona fide Psychic and then explain just enough about how it was all done so that they realise that Psychics don’t exist!


Royle is available to appear on TV & Radio shows anywhere in the world demonstrating his apparently genuine Psychic Talents! You may either book him to perform on your show as a “Psychic Entertainer” who leaves the audience to decide how its done or as a “Psychic Expert” who first performs several apparently genuine Psychic feats and then explains how they are done as part of shows exposing how fraudulent Psychic achieve their aims!

To discuss your requirements in more detail please contact Royle on his email of or on +44 (0) 7050-377579 OR +44 (0) 7956 323339 and we’ll tailor a unique slot to fit the theme of your show.



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