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As one of the World’s Leading Stage Hypnotists & Hypnotherapists, Jonathan Royle is highly skilled and experienced in tailoring his powerful unique style of Hypnosis to a variety of situations as follows:


Royle’s hilarious and highly original Comedy Hypnosis Shows have consistently proven themselves to be guaranteed crowd pullers and profitable box office attractions at large capacity venues Worldwide!

All of his shows are tailored to suit the needs of each individual client and there are shows available to suit all ages, tastes, venues & budgets so please don’t hesitate in contacting us on shows@hypnotorious.com or by calling Royles manager on +44 (0) 7050-377579 OR +44 (0) 7956 323339 to discuss & clarify your needs!

As a brief example some of the Hypnotic Shows Royle Presents include:


A show suitable for mixed family audiences, ideal for Holiday Camps, Caravan Parks, Family Theatre and many other venues! During this show Royle gets the kids involved (but does not hypnotise them) and they love it as Royle entrances their dad to give them more pocket money or to stay up later! All the Classic sketches such as people becoming Elvis or Madonna, the Hypnotist becoming invisible and the Naughty x-ray glasses are included in this show.


This is Royle’s most popular show by far and consists of “Carry On” style double meaning humour. The contents of this show are certainly more adult orientated, but are presented in a manner so as to offend nobody! This show has proved popular for Parties, After Dinner Cabaret, Hotels, Corporate Functions and many other venues! The audience will laugh until they cry as they see men giving birth to babies, the man who thinks his testicles are talking to each other and the woman who falls in love with the Hypnotist. The best way to describe this hilarious show is “Naughty but Nice!”


This is the show that earnt Royle his reputation as Britain’s Most Outrageous Hypnotist! The contents of this show although entirely legal are considered X-rated and as such will be presented only to audiences of 18+ adults who have been warned to stay away if easily offended! The contents of this show have proved popular at Colleges, Universities, Private Members Clubs, Nightclubs and other adult orientated venues. This show pushes Hypnosis to the extremes and reveals why Royle has been dubbed by many as “The Bernard Manning & Chubby Brown of Stage Hypnosis” and as such you have been warned!


A show tailored specifically to the Corporate Arena, which is both highly entertaining and also inspirational. Combining comedy routines, many of which will be themed to the business of your company with motivational and team building exercises, this show both entertains and teaches the audience the power of their own minds and how they may use them to achieve more in the business arena of your company.


Royle is available fully self-contained for shows anywhere in the World with any of his Live Comedy Shows which can run from 45 minutes in Cabaret up to over Two Hours for Theatre venues. All-inclusive Fees start at just £500 (within Northwest England only) or £400 (you provide the PA) and rise depending on venue, audience size, location and dates required! For an accurate all inclusive quote, please send details of your desired date, nature of event, audience size, intended venue and geographic location to shows@hypnotorious.com and we’ll send you an individual quotation. For Theatres box office splits start as low as 50/50 each!


For TV & Radio shows Royle can either present his talents of Hypnotic Comedy in the studio using the shows presenters or audience members or out and about on the streets and in various locations using members of the general public.

He can also demonstrate the more serious side of Hypnosis, by removing peoples phobias in a matter of minutes so that for example at the start of the show they are scared of Spiders or Heights and by the end of the show they are happy to hold a Tarantula or do a Bungee Jump!

He can Regress people back to past lives and help them to Stop Smoking, lose-weight and pass their driving test amongst many other things. He can even use NLP to help people solve their problems over the phone during a live TV or Radio phone in segment.

In short whenever you need a Hypnotist for your TV or Radio show you should contact Royle on shows@hypnotorious.com or on +44 (0) 7050-377579 OR +44 (0) 7956 323339


Royle is regularly called on as a Hypnotic Consultant by many International newspapers and magazines, and as such he has much experience of writing articles suitable for these mediums which teach the reader how to use NLP and Self-Hypnosis to treat their own complaints and solve their own problems in the comfort of their own homes.

Photographic feature stories can easily be achieved by documenting the before and after events as Royle Hypnotises some of your readers to remove their phobias, so for example the person once scared of snakes is then pictured holding one in a calm, relaxed manner accompanied by text teaching the reader how they can do this for themselves!

To discuss your story requirements contact Royle on shows@hypnotorious.com or call +44 (0) 7050-377579 OR +44 (0) 7956 323339


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