If you do not have a account , then you could visit our sister site of which advertises all of our products and is able to accept all Credit and Debit Cards online using our shopping cart and the Merchant Services of

Alternatively you could order by Telephone by calling us on either:

+44 (0) 1484 - 861522 or +44 (0) 7050 - 377579

You will then need to leave the following details on our answer service:

1.  Names of the items you are ordering and your total order value.

2.  Your full name as it appears on the Credit or Debit Card you are using.

3.  The Type of Credit or Debit Card you are making payment with.

4.  The postal address to which the card is registered.

5.  The telephone number of this same postal address at which the card is registered.

6.  The address to which you want items delivered if different from above.

7. The Start date of your card and also the expiry date.

8. Your Card Number in full.

9.  The Cards Security Code Number

10.  A contact telephone number and email address which we can contact you on in case of their being any problems with your payment.


You could also email us all of this information, sending your card number in two halves by way of two separate emails for added security to our main email contact of:

Or you could write all of the required information down and send it to us by snail mail to our head office address of:

P.O. BOX 12

In all the above mentioned cases your payment will be processed by and will appear on your Card Statement as: "Prospect House Publishing"

And don't forget that for those of you who do not yet have a account, our entire product range is available for immediate online purchase using your debit or credit card at:

Payments processed by:

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