(Step by Step Instruction in the Art of Hypnotic Seduction)

When it comes to becoming more successful with members of the opposite sex there are several leading experts on the subject.

Ross Jeffries is world famous as the creator of his trademarked “Speed Seduction” approach which has its roots in conventional NLP and Don Steele is famous for advising older men how to become amazingly successful with ladies many years younger than them!

What you may not know is that in his former Stage Name of Alex-Leroy, Jonathan Royle is regarded by many as one of the World’s Leading Experts in Hypnotic Seduction.

And now for the first time ever he has decided to re-release his long out of print training book on the subject and also to release another very interesting related book as follows:


hypnotism and sexSubtitled “How to Get Laid 365+ Times a Year!” – Hypnotism & Sex was written by Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy and has been featured in practically every UK Daily & Sunday Newspaper, Numerous International Publications and as part of many magazine and TV or Radio show features! The contents are controversial to say the least and reveal how to Hypnotise (with their consent) any member of the opposite sex so that they believe you are their favourite TV, Movie or Sporting Hero and as such want to jump into bed with you there and then! What’s more he also teaches you numerous techniques to increase your attractiveness to others and covers subjects such as creating rapport and how to be a red-hot lover when you get them into bed! The contents of this amazing publication are controversial and unique to say the least and you should not order if easily offended or under the age of 18! If you want to learn the true secrets of Hypnotic Seduction and find out how to get your leg over with ease then this is the book for you! There is also a very valuable self-help section teaching how to use self-hypnosis to solve many sexual problems with positive mind power alone! Supplied as a professionally printed and bound book this item is sent post free anywhere in world! A bargain at only: £29-95.

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hypnotism and sexOne of Royles friends is an International Millionaire Playboy and after much effort by Royle he has finally persuaded him to write this truly eye opening book which is a travel guide like no other! The author who shall remain nameless has travelled the worlds hottest sex spots and details within the pages of this professionally printed and bound book where are the best and worst places in the world to get Sex and lots of it as easily as possible! He’s included a guide on where to go to find Free Sex, where to find a foreign bride and even a guide to how much Hookers and Escorts cost in various locations around the world. There is information on travelling safely and even a short guide to learning several Foreign Languages with special focus being made on words and phrases to help you get laid easily! If you want your next holiday to be truly different and full of great sex, then at only £29-95 you need this book!

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For a limited time only when you order both “Hypnotism & Sex” and also “Sexual Paradises of The World” at the same time we will send you post free anywhere in the world both amazing titles for just: £47-00.



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