"Dr. Jonathan Royle - PhD, Will Make You A Better Alternative Therapist, Show You How to Get More Customers, Sell More Products, Spin Off More Backend Income & In Less Time With Less Effort.."

Dear Fellow Complementary Therapist:

I am absolutely serious. Over the course of Two Days, I want to personally show you exactly how you may be able to add at the very least £25,000, and hopefully £50,000 or maybe even £100,000 profit to your Personal Therapy business during the next year!

And this is the next year we're talking about. The following year will be even more profitable, and the year after that if you take action now and follow our tried, tested and proven to work Hypnotic Business Expansion Techniques - which can work equally as well for any therapist promoting any alternative treatment discipline from A through to Z!


• Break into the lucrative fields of corporate stress management & hypnotherapy for the employees of major blue chip companies.

• Create a situation where A-list celebrities and household name TV, film, media & sporting stars are banging on your door for treatment.

• Enter the highly paid world of sales training; team building & motivational courses to make big bucks Anthony Robbins style!

• Get household name sporting teams to employ your hypnotic skills as their personal hypnotic “sports psychologist”

• Make more money from a single 90 minute group hypnotherapy session than many therapists make in an entire month.

• Attract ten times more one to one clients, never see them in person, and yet help them to solve their problems and make tons of cash into the bargain!

• Dramatically increase your income treating people over the phone in the comfort of their own home – how to do it and why it works.

• How to get people like travel agents, driving instructors and even the local zoo to act as your “unpaid” salesmen and help you gain countless new clients for personal treatment & help you to sell a truck load of products at the same time.

• Royles tried, tested & proven to work techniques to regularly get yourself on television & radio shows making exceptionally good money from these appearances.

• Get local, national & international newspapers & magazines to give you millions of pounds worth of free publicity for your business, services and products!

• Make £10K, £15K, £20K or maybe even £25K (Twenty Five Thousand Pounds) from each weekend training seminar that you organise, who to market these too and how to do this in order to get maximum profit from minimum investment.

"I've studied Royles Secrets of Hypnotic Success and learnt far more from these than I have ever done from any other rival course! Indeed I once paid several thousand pounds and trained with a company called Practice Builders and in short this seminar blows their course and the other courses I have done out of the water! If you want to be a successful Hypnotherapist - then you must attend this amazing training event!"
(Association of Complete Mind Therapists)


• How changing your title from hypnotherapist to something such as clinical hypnotic consultant can help you raise your hourly fees many times over.

• How getting a free BUPA & NHS provider number can increase your profits!

• Easily create and/or gain sales rights to sell saleable & highly desirable e-Books, printed manuals, CD-ROMS, audiotapes & CD’s, training & self-help videos and DVD’s amongst many other profitable products!

• Create multiple streams of income by getting other people to sell these products for you on a basis whereby you keep most all of the profits.

• Profit from selling other peoples products in a way that takes practically no time or effort on your part and can earn you money 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – even when your fast asleep!

• Make a fortune from merchandising & gain more clients by giving free public talks, taster sessions & public demonstrations.

• Generate huge profits from direct mail campaigns & how “target” marketing can increase your profit return on investment many times over.

• Effectively market your services & products at no cost through email sales letters and postings to internet newsgroups and message boards.

• Easily add (at the very least) an extra few hundred pounds a week (over a thousand pounds per month) to your profits by selling self-help products, training materials and related items on Ebay and other Internet Auction Sites!

• Get major discounts on every advertisement you place in a way that’s as easy as 1,2,3!

• Write classified adverts which are cheap to place which can pull in more clients than large display adverts costing several hundred pounds or more.

• Strategies, techniques and methods to advertise your services at little or no cost in order to skyrocket your income and give you more funds to invest in other projects.

• Operate a simple doctors referral system which costs less than 50p per client you treat to use and can prove highly effective in getting medical GP’s to refer their patients to you for treatment.

• Handle telephone enquiries to ensure that you close the sale there and then at least 90% of time or more!

• The inside secrets of networking, cold calling & successful telesales for big profits!

• How to write sales letters, adverts and copy for your internet site & other mediums which will pull in the maximum response in minimum time.

• The real difference between features & benefits, what this means to you and how to create compelling sales copy by using emotion and keeping it conversational.

• Secrets of compiling a profitable internet site & promoting it so you get ranked high in the search engines, get more visitors and ultimately make more profits! These secrets alone took Royle several years and several thousand pounds to discover the hard way and when you enrol to attend this seminar right now you learn them all!

"For Hypnotherapists who want to learn real world, tried, tested and proven to work marketing, advertising and promotion techniques to maximise their business and profits, I would recommend Royles Secrets of Hypnotic Success Series!"


www.entrancer. c

(National Council for Hypnotherapy)


• Which “Power” words instantly increase response, how to write headlines that grab the prospects attention, how to highlight the benefits of your product/service, how to structure compelling offers and closing the sale with ease!

• How promotional key rings can bring you more clients, more business and more profits than giving out business cards.

• Tax evasion is illegal, however tax avoidance is legal! Simple proven strategies which are 100% legal enabling you to keep far more of the money you earn and how to get it working for you best – a financial adviser would charge huge ££/$$ for this.

• How finding “problems” which many people have in life and then providing the “Solution” is the easiest way to get rich rapidly and how you can achieve this!

• Ways to start joint ventures with other people, secure investment into your own projects from others and generally start to act, think and work like a millionaire! We teach you the truth behind John Paul Gettys saying, “I’d sooner have 1% of a 100 men’s profits than 100% of just one mans!”

• Even if you have no prior knowledge or experience of hypnosis, on these tapes Royle will teach you how to conduct Complete Mind Therapy Sessions for groups and also for individual clients, no stone is left unturned and you could add this valuable new approach to your existing private practice with ease, thus increasing profits even more!

• How to break into “Life Coaching” on a corporate level and the story of how one of our colleagues (who shall remain nameless) pulled in over £240K (Yes almost a quarter of a million pounds) in just twelve months from gaining just 10 regular paying clients! This example alone and the insights and truths it reveals about making the big £££/$$$ with ease is worth many times the tiny price it will cost you to attend this two day training alone!

•  Royle will even teach you the Secrets of "Magical Therapy" - a powerful treatment approach for use with young children which alone could earn you a fortune.

• Plus countless other tried, tested & proven to work advertising, marketing, sales & promotional strategies, approaches and techniques, exactly how to apply these to your own personal hypnotic business and in short how to change your life forever when you take action right now!

We know that any intelligent success minded person like yourself will want to order these videos which contain over 10+ hours of mind-blowing secrets and come with a FREE CD-ROM which contains lots of the other Secrets & information referred to herein – we even show you how after watching these videos you could qualify for eighteen (18) Prestigious Diplomas at no extra charge!


“I learned a tremendous amount about all sorts of ways of making money, how to get more clients and the right way to approach them! Royle is very honest, outspoken and controversial, he kept me entertained and interested for the full two days and had 100’s of useful tips to impart. In short I would recommend the videos of Royles May 2004 Hypnotic Marketing Success Videos to everybody as they are much better value and contain more information than any other similar seminar or training I’ve’ ever been on!"
Mr Colin Barron –

“I can’t say how much I enjoyed your May 2004 Seminar, it exceeded my expectations and I have barely had time to breathe since you have tripped my overly comfortable mind into action! I’ve now got loads of plans and ideas that just weren’t there before and I think that your energy and enthusiasm shames most people’s complacency. Indeed I was amazed at your broad knowledge and recall for different topics, titles and authors, your true genius must lie in your obvious ability to suck in information, digest the meaning, spit out the bones – then deliver the essence to people like us!”
Alison Roberts - Denbighsire


“To those of you who are Therapists who want to learn the true secrets of making big money from the industry then you need to learn Royles Unique approach and marketing techniques as they will help you to sky rocket your income with ease!”
Maria Tounsi – Cornwall

“The May 2004 Hypnotic Marketing Seminar was truly no holds barred and far better than I expected! Royle is Very Honest, Straightforward and to the point in all he teaches, this seminar was without doubt light years ahead of anything else on the subject of making a fortune from your Practice. Royle is right up there with the best of the best – you must get these videos!”
Mr Anthony J Corke - Shropshire

“What more can I say about this seminar than it was the most inspirational, exciting and valuable training event I have ever attended! Just one of the ideas Royle gives you on these videos is worth many thousands of pounds, indeed I’m certain if you put all the ideas into action you’d probably be a millionaire in next to no time – Royle is a true marketing genius – you need these tapes!”
Chris Lee - Halifax -

“The Marketing Secrets that Royle taught on this two day seminar would have cost many thousands of pounds to learn elsewhere and as such these videos represent remarkable value for money! There's no time wasting; no fluffing out with crap and everything that was taught during the two days was useful, practical and extremely valuable. If you truly want to make a fortune from your complementary treatment practice then you owe it to yourself to buy these videos!”
Frank Lea – Birmingham -

“I thought that Royles Training Skills were excellent and for anyone thinking of buying these videos I would say GO FOR IT as they contain tons of excellent marketing advice!”
Carol Deacon - Leicester

“Jonathan is a motivational and enthusiastic speaker and on these videos you will see what he was willing to share about how he goes about increasing his business! A week after the seminar my head is still buzzing, normally by now I’ve forgotten most of what I learnt, that’s a tribute to Jonathan as this course was head and shoulders above any of the crap I have been on before. Please don’t sell these videos Jonathan as I don’t want others to know where I got my ideas from!”
Mr Ian


How much is your future happiness and financial success worth to you? Read this letter again from start to finish and we're sure you'll agree that if we charged £1,000+ for these training videos and CD-ROM it would be well worth it - However the introductory price is only a modest £497!


Copies of this Unique Video (over 10+ Hours of footage) & CD-ROM (contains even more secrets of success than the videos) training course will be STRICTLY LIMITED and are being offered on a Strictly First Come First Served Basis! Order within Seven Days and you will save £200 - meaning that you pay just £297 for this dynamite course!

As we say stocks are strictly limited and due to the high demand we expect, we would ask you to be patient and allow a maximum of 28 days for delivery, although items are usually shipped within seven days of your payment clearing!


Send a cheque for £297 payable to "PROSPECT HOUSE PUBLISHING" with the enclosed Order Form to: Prospect House Publishing, Prospect House, PO Box 12, Huddersfield, England, HD8 9YP

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