At only £49-95 including delivery anywhere in the world “The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Complete Mind Therapy” is actually two amazing courses in one!

For your one time investment you will be sent on a quality CD-ROM stored in both Word & PDF formats the entire text which makes up our now out of print course “The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis” and also the entire text which made up our now out of print “Course in Hypnotherapy & Complete Mind Therapy!”

To detail all of the mind-blowing secrets, ploys. And tried, tested and proven to work in the real world of Hypnosis & NLP techniques that this combined course contains would take hours, so here are just a few brief examples of the contents:

A brief example of the Hypnotherapy, NLP & CMT Contents:

• What hypnosis is about and how it works.
* How the human mind works.
* Rapport, observation, recognition, and leadership skills.
* Principles of verbal, physical and reverse psychology.
* Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Analysis and Creative Visualisation.
* Inductions for the consulting room
* Standard phrases for hypnotic inductions and how to deepen the hypnotic trance.
* How to identify the trance states and awaken clients.
* How to deal with abreaction’s and hard to awaken subjects.
* Hypnotherapy scripts for stopping smoking, weight loss, skin problems, and confidence building.
* Psychotherapy and how to tackle advanced problems such as acute depression and sexual problems.
* The use of hypnosis for past life regression.
* Shortcuts to alternative medicine.
* How to increase your hypnotherapy business and income.
* How to earn money from stress management and motivational training.
* The Fast Phobia Cure Treatment Known as Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC)
* The Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) session structure.

Many people have gone on to become successful hypnotherapists after taking this course. Take this opportunity and you too can enter this wonderful and rewarding occupation.


"Thanks for the training, which was excellent value for money and has
provided me with a career for life which I enjoy immensely!"


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A brief breakdown of the Stage Hypnotism Methods taught:

• What hypnosis is about and how it works.
* How the human mind works.
* Rapport, observation, recognition, and leadership skills.
* Principles of verbal, physical and reverse psychology.
* Seven different suggestibility tests to use before hypnosis.
* Over thirty different induction methods and techniques to hypnotize people.
* How to create your own hypnotic inductions.
* Standard phrases which hypnotists use.
* Standard phrases for hypnotic inductions.
* How to identify the trance states.
* How to awaken people from a trance.
* How to deal with abreaction’s and hard to awaken subjects.
* A complete script and step by step instructions on making a successful stage hypnosis show.
* Lots of hypnotic gags for routines and numerous comedy sketch ideas.
* Invaluable information about the laws, regulations and red tape of the hypnotic industry.
* How to make money from stage hypnosis.
* And lots lots more!!!!


Nothing will be held back. This course will contain everything, which is of value to a potential Stage Hypnotist and/or Hypnotherapist who wishes to enter a profession, which has mystified people for decades. The course will explain in clear step by step detail all of the secrets, ploys and techniques that are used to become a safe and competent stage hypnotist or mind therapist.

These skills will enable you to enter this lucrative profession which can open new doors in your attitude and lifestyle that you never dreamed possible. This course will initiate you into a profession, which will fascinate and astound people including yourself.

This entire hypnosis course has been purposely written in a simple to understand manner with plain language and complicated words and phrases removed. As closely to the way the majority of us speak. This has been established as the best possible way to learn, absorb and understand information, which may be new and alien to us. Grammar and syntax will be thrown away in the interests of passing on the knowledge easily, quickly, enjoyably and effectively to you.

Hypnosis is a much deeper subject than most realise. The majority of the population is of the opinion that all you do is snap your fingers or swing a shiny watch in front of their eyes and then they will just instantly drop off to sleep. Well it is a great deal more complicated than that, yet at the same time if you are prepared to believe what you will be taught then you will realise that it is also far easier to learn than you might at first imagine.

Read, study and absorb the contents of this course, it will without doubt place you on the road to ultimate success in Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. If you absorb the contents of this course which is filled with liquid gold knowledge then your success is almost guaranteed.

This course has been read by many satisfied customers. Some people just want to know about the mystery and fascinating subject of hypnosis. Others want to go that stage further and become entertainers as a professional stage hypnotist or help others as a caring Hypnotherapist.

Take a look at our 100% genuine testimonials and you will realise why Jonathan Royle is the UK's no.1 teacher in all things hypnotic!


"I have been entertaining as a magician for a number of years and in all that time I have had an interest in the field of hypnotism after seeing a stage hypnotist perform. His act was funny, mysterious and powerful , utilizing members of the audience and the use of the right type of music to compliment his act. He wasn’t top of the bill but everyone was talking about him long after he left the stage. Surely that is what an entertainer strives for isn’t it? For years after, I wanted to learn the art, but how do I go about it? My first step was to buy books on the subject from specialist bookshops, but although well written I found them to be more inclined to teach hypnotherapy rather than the stage hypnosis side of the subject. Then along came the internet and I found some useful sites dealing with stage hypnosis, more books became available to me which I purchased, but once again although well written they relied on the use of stooges in the act, not quite what I was looking for.

In the meantime I met someone who had been a hypnotherapist for over 50 years, and he gave me tuition on inductions and deepeners and more hypnotherapy. I have since been successfully helping people with ridding fears, phobias and vices, but I still wanted to be a stage hypnotist, and it was while I was surfing the internet again I came across your company I gave it a try. After all that time it was exactly what I was looking for.

What I liked about the courses was the way in which it was written, in easy to understand English. Jonathan Royle the author has been in the business a long time and it shows in this work. The stage hypnosis course not only teaches the art of stage hypnosis, it shows you how to construct a show including the type of gags to use, the types of music to use, the type of person to use, and the type of routines to use in different situations. It even tells you how and where to get more work. Nothing is left out.
I wish I had found this earlier, more than anything else this course has given me confidence. I am now on my way to fulfilling a dream thanks to you. I thoroughly recommend your products to anyone else who wants the same without wasting time as I did before I found your company. May you go from strength to strength".

Alan Day - Magician (Stanford le Hope) - 1st September 2003

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