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make a million from hypnosisThe aim of this amazing publication is to teach Hypnotherapists and others in the Mind Therapy business how to make maximum money for absolute bare minimum investment of time or effort on your part! If your not already in a position whereby you have more clients than you can handle, all of whom are eager to pay you £250+ for a single one hour session – THEN YOU NEED THIS STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS! Included within the pages of this Unique publication are example advertisements for use in local newspapers and magazines, wording for adverts that have been tried, tested and proven effective by Royle and many of his colleagues, example scripts for use on the telephone to close the sale when people call to enquire and much more! In fact a complete script is given for use by yourself as a promotional audiotape or CD which when used could increase the number of clients you get willing to pay £250+ per session many times over! Royle even provides you with the wording he has used for his advertising brochures and letters enabling him to earn a small fortune from Hypnotherapy! Although this course is mainly about attracting clients for Smoking Cessation Sessions, the principles and marketing techniques you will learn within its pages will prove invaluable for attracting clients with any problem you should choose to specialise in! As a Special Free Bonus this course also includes a section revealing how to break into and make lots of money from Corporate and Educational Stress Management Training. Many people specialising in this field make in excess of £100K Sterling each year – perhaps you may be able to achieve this to? All these invaluable secrets can now be yours for far less than you’ll earn from getting one extra client!




hypno tricksHypno-Tricks is a complete course in Pseudo Hypnosis enabling the reader to learn how to present an entire act of apparently genuine Stage Hypnotism without using any Stooges and without ever hypnotising anyone! The people who volunteer will believe they have been Hypnotised for real as will the audience watching you perform these amazing and amusing feats! Best of all these closely guarded secrets and techniques will work on anybody, anyplace, anywhere, anytime and even on the worlds biggest sceptics! For that reason the routines and demonstrations which are explained in a simple, yet highly detailed step by step manner are considered to be reputation makers and used correctly could help you to earn an absolute fortune and gain much valuable Free Media Publicity for your Hypnotic Acts and talents. Indeed with a little thought there is enough material in this course to present a complete show which, as it uses no genuine Hypnosis and nobody is ever placed into Trance could be performed anywhere without the need for Licences and in such a manner that your Equity Public Liability Insurance would cover you as nobody is placed into any form of Trance! Even Hypnotherapists will find the contents of this course invaluable as the secrets inside can also be presented as proof that The Power of the Mind and Hypnosis works within the context of a Mass Group Hypnotherapy Session or Promotional Lecture for your services! As far as we know this is the only comprehensive manual of its kind on the market!



stage hypnotismIn many areas of the UK and other locations around the World it is now practically impossible to obtain Public Liability Insurance cover as a performing Stage Hypnotist or indeed obtain a licence to perform a show from many Council districts. But worry no longer, as television hypnotist Jonathan Royle has saved the day with the release of this publication which reveals in a simple manner, all of the UK hypnotic laws and guidelines and then assesses and suggests in detail, all the loopholes they may contain. After reading this, you will be able to perform your show anytime, anyplace, anywhere, even in places where hypnosis is banned! You will be able to "insure" yourself against any potential legal claims from your volunteers and, in short, your performing career will become easier and your bookings will increase. What more could you want? Within this manual Royle suggests ways from his own personal experience to circumvent the 1952 Hypnotism Act, 1989 Government Guidelines and 1996 Government Review on Stage Hypnosis in such a way that you may perform both Legally and Safely where your competitors fear to tread! Although Royle has successfully been using these techniques for well over a decade, this manual is sold on the understanding that you use the contents entirely at your own risk and if in any doubt should seek independent legal verification that these approaches will work for you Legally as they have done for Royle for many, many years! As a bonus Royle also reveals the true secrets of Stage Hypnosis which have never appeared in print before which are mind blowing and may change your attitude towards hypnosis for ever! An absolute "must buy" publication for any hypnotist.



bizare world of RoyleA lucrative sideline to any hypnotic business can be working as a Psychic Entertainer and Fortune Teller! Within the pages of this unique publication, Royle teaches you cutting edge cold-reading techniques which will enable you to tell someone their past, present and future with the greatest of ease and accuracy. Numerous mind control style reading and mentalism routines are also explained in depth, giving you enough material to perform a complete act or show as a Psychic entertainer. For the first time ever, Royle also reveals his secrets of belly button reading, healing and mind reading which helped him to international media publicity as he became psychic and mind therapist to the starts. Pawology (reading dogs paws), tree slapping and hugging, hose pipe reading, psychic publicity stunts and many more topics are covered in detail.



(How To Be An Alternative or Mainstream Comedian)

royle revealsWhether you just want to add a little humour to your presentations or lectures, or your hypnotic or psychic shows, this publication is the one for you. Within this hilarious text, you are taught how to become an alternative or mainstream comedian! As a bonus, this also includes a complete 30 minute comedy routine using Royle's new method of the "5 Card Repeat" magic effect. You’ll learn how to deal with Hecklers, unexpected situations and how to deliver jokes in such a manner that they make the maximum possible impact on your audience and as such get you the biggest number of laughs! Whilst there is more than enough information within the pages of this manual to enable the reader to get started in a career as a Comedian, we would recommend that anyone who ever intends to do any form of public performance, show and/or lecture gets this manual as the contents will help you improve your presentation tenfold!


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