(Eight Audio MP3 Recordings by Robert Siegel to Treat Many Problems)

We are proud to offer you these mind blowing, cutting edge studio quality self-help Hypnotherapy treatment sessions which have all been devised, scripted and voiced by Top American Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner Robert Siegel.

These eight unique recordings combine the most effective & powerful tried, tested and proven to work techniques of Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, direct suggestions, subliminal suggestion and other treatment strategies!

All eight full length treatment sessions are both highly recommended for anyone wanting to solve their problems in the comfort of their own home and also for anyone learning Hypnotherapy as by listening to these recordings you will learn the correct voice tones to use, when to pause and much more!


Supplied in MP3 format on two quality CD-ROMS you will receive all eight of the following treatment sessions in one amazing package which can be listened to on your computer, on many CD and DVD players and even using a Play Station 2 machine:

*Stop Smoking with Ease

*Lose Weight & Stay in Shape

*Supreme Self Confidence

*Draw Love into Your Life

*Rapid Relaxation & Stress Buster

*Master Mind & Super Learning

*Attract Prosperity into Your Life

*Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True!

All eight full length treatment sessions are supplied stored in Audio MP3 format on two quality CD-ROMS and what’s more they come with permission for you to convert them to normal audio CD titles on your computer so that you may then sell them to your therapy clients, after shows and even mail order!

Yes you read that correctly for your one time investment you get eight quality NLP Style Hypnotherapy Session Recordings which you may duplicate and sell at a profit to your customers for the rest of your life!

Therefore at only £77 a set, post free anywhere in the world, these eight recordings represent amazing value for money and we would advise you to order right now as stocks are limited!


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